Season Pull Pass

For those of you who plan on coming to all eight events this year, we are offering a special deal for those who are interested in experiencing all of what Canyon Lake Wakeboard Club has to offer this 2017 season.

Here’s the scoop.  Purchase a Season Pull Pass and you’re covered for all eight events for the entire season, 4 Competitions and 4 Learn 2 Ride Days.

The cost is $135.00 total.  That’s it!  $135.00 and your entry fees for all eight events are paid for. This offer qualifies you for one pull per event.  Additional pulls are welcome but will be extra.

Standard Cost breakdown:

4 Comps     @ $30.00 each = $120.00

4 L2R Days @ $15.00 each = $60.00

Total = $180.00


Season Pull Pass Cost Breakdown:

4 Comps

4 L2R Days

Total = $135.00

If you are interested in the Season Pull Pass, please let us know at the registration table when you sign up.

This offer does not include WWA membership costs.